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Himeji Meat Center, Approved for SQF 2000 (HACCP)
Carcass Sterilizing
On acceptance, carcasses are to be sent to the separated sterilization room, to be sterilized one by one. The sterilization in a separated room not only reduces bacteria but also prevents cross-contamination. Reduction of bacteria prevents the formation of bubbles when meat is packed.
Carcass Refrigerator
By preventing direct exposure to the outer air, the carcass refrigerator shuts out bacteria. With a stringent control system, it has a capacity of controlling carcasses of 300 head regularly.
Hygienic Processing Room
Himeji Meat Center is a processing plant equipped with stainless steel devices and a stringent sanitary management system that continuously controls its temperature and humidity. With the ability of fabricating and deboning 1 head of cattle every 15 minutes, it complies with the traceability system.
Portion meat labels of our meat products show place of origin, breed of cattle and identity number of each product.
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