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JAS for disclosing production information
A new JAS standard was established to improve the transparency of meat production from farm to table. A third party certifies the accuracy of production information, which must include a traceability system. Certification was acquired by S Foods' Himeji Meat Center and Naruo Bokujo (Rangers Valley, Australia).
A clean room almost free of tiny dust is provided.
Official quality management systems have been introduced to prove the safety and authenticity of our products.
ISO 9001: Quality Management System 2000
An outside examining body certifies that the examined organization has a customer-oriented quality management system. At S Foods, all plants, the R&D Department and the Product Group have acquired ISO 9001.
SQF2000 (Safe Quality Food 2000)
S Foods' Himeji meat center was the first beef processing plant in Japan to acquire SQF2000. This food safety standard incorporates ISO 9000, a quality management system, and HACCP, a food safety system.
*On March 24, 2005, Osaka Meat Center(Osaka Sales Office) acquired SQF2000
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