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A stable supply of qualified and assured domestic beef through our original feeding program
S Foods ties up with farms that introduce our original feeding program from feed selection to blending, to supply high-quality domestic beef under strict sanitary management.
Hiramatsu Chikusan
Here at Hiramatsu ranch in Kagoshima prefecture, we raise calves, and then move them to Hikami ranch in Hyogo prefecture. Our duty is to provide Hiramatsu with healthy calves. First, we give milk to newborns, later we change to feed blended at Hiramatsu ranch to let them grow healthy and strengthen their stomachs.
Hikami Bokujyo, Kobe Chikusan Yugen Kaisha
Buyers sometimes visit us directly, and say something like, "It must be tough working here." As a matter of fact, it is. Tending cattle all day is really hard. Asked why I keep doing it, I answer, "Because I like cows." I would like as many people as possible to enjoy our best meat. It's really challenging.
Fremont Beef Company (FBC): The best partner in the country of beef
FBC, a production base for S Foods in the U.S., is located in Nebraska, a state well known as the center of beef production. Close relationships with major packers provide unparalleled process and distribution systems that successfully preserve the taste and freshness of original variety meat.
Naruo Bokujo: Supplier of tender and tasty beef
Naruo Bokujo
At this feedlot near Glen Innes, a place famous for quality beef production--even in Australia, the world's top beef exporting country--cattle are fed on grain for over 300 days. Naruo Bokujo is a trusted brand that assures products of the world's highest standard for safety, sanitation and quality.
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