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Safety management system

Quality Policy of S Foods Group

 We always try to improve our quality in order to provide tasty and healthy products with persuasive value, as well as to earn customers’ confidence and satisfaction.
  1. Compliance
  2. We observe laws, office regulations, social ethics and industry guidelines,always keeping ourselves updated and coordinating with them.
  3. Customer Viewpoint
  4. We value customers’ opinions and suggestions to reflect them in the improvement of our products and services for the realization of the quality our customers pursue.
  5. Continuous Improvement
  6. We continuously work on the safety of our products as well as stability and improvement of their quality.

Continuously evolving food safety management system,Introducing HACCP

HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is the state-of-the-art safety system in which, by analyzing and controlling every possible hazard in the process of food production, every cause of hazard is to be removed from the food production line. S Foods carried out a total review and improvement of both physical items and management procedures, including our processing manual, facilities, equipment, machine maintenance, hygienic standard, safeguards against foreign material, inventory of products and material, and even employee education.
Also, overseas suppliers in the US and Australia, including FBC (Fremont Beef Company), our affiliate in the US, have already introduced HACCP. We have established a global HACCP chain with these suppliers to further strengthen our safety management system.

Regular microorganism testing is done.

Regular microorganism testing is done.

International certification scheme
for Food Safety Management System

From purchasing materials to selling products, the flow is completely controlled by computer. All data concerning products, such as date, plant, material, process and distribution is recorded, and it is always accessible. This system assures the safety of our products.