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1967 May Established as Stamina Foods Co., Ltd. a
1970 January Reorganized as Stamina Foods Inc.
1982 May Began sales of "Ultra E yakiniku sauce", the first sauce in Japan to prevent the discoloration of meat.
July Introduced Variety Meat product "Kotetchan".
December Murachiku Co., Ltd. was established.
1983 July Renamed Variety Meats brand "The Koshien-no-aji".
July Murachiku established Himeji Meat Center.
September Completed new head office and main factory in Nishinomiya.
1984 August Began radio advertising and other mass marketing of "The Koshien-no-aji" brand and Kotetchan product line.
1987 September Completed Tokyo Head Office (merging Tokyo Branch and Funabashi Sales Office) and Funabashi Factory. a
1989 April Established Fremont Beef Company (F.B.C), a joint-venture company in the State of Nebraska,U.S.A.
August Offered shares of the Company on the OTC market.
1992 August Launched sales of "Motsu Nabe" Variety Meat products.
1994 July Listed shares at the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
October Murachiku established main plant in Himeji.
1999 December Listed shares at the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2000 February Murachiku offered shares of the Company on the OTC market.
August Upgraded listing of shares to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. Renamed corporate name from Stamina Foods Inc. to S Foods Inc.
2001 July Obtained ISO 9001 certification for three plants, including the Products Business Division and the Development Center. a
2004 September Excecuted share exchange with Murachiku Co., Ltd.
2005 January Released Pork Variety Meat product "Tontetchan".
March S Foods Inc. and Murachiku Co., Ltd. merged.
August Purchased OM2 Network Co., Ltd. through a takeover bid.
2006 March Hayao Morishima resigned as president and became chairman. Shinnosuke Murakami succeeded to the presidency.
August Resumed the sale of “Kotetchan” that had been canceled due to the ban on U.S beef import.
2007 February Sales reached 100 billion yen.
May The 40th anniverasry of the establishment.
2008 October Purchased KK Hyochiku.
2009 March Purchased KK Oasoham (then Kyushu-Sagamiham).
2010 April Purchased KK Hokkaido Chuo Bokujo. a
April Established S Foods Korea Inc. in Seoul Korea.
2011 September Purchased KK Hidaka Shokuniku Center.
2012 January Start exporting Kobe Beef.
2014 January Purchased Foodlier Co., Ltd, (then Glico Ham Co., Ltd.)
2015 December Purchased Aurora Packing Company in the state of Illinois, U.S.A.
2019 March Purchased Monbeef Unit Trust in the state of NSW, Australia.
2020 January Completed Tokyo Branch with Funabashi Plant, Chiba Meet Center and Torei Cold Storage.
2022 April Transitioned to Prime Market of TSE in accordance with the market segment restructuring of TSE.