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Through the virtual integration of our meat businesses, we contribute to the development of Japanese livestock business as well as to the stability and improvement of the Japanese people’s dietary life.

The situation surrounding the Japanese food industry has been changing in recent years. Those changes include a growth in global food demand caused by a population increase and economic growth in emerging countries, an expansion of agricultural products trade following TPP and EPA, as well as domestic changes such as a decrease in food demand due to dwindling birth rate and an aging population, and declining agriculture. It seems inevitable for the Japanese food industry to change drastically in the near future. We are required to cope with those changes in a timely manner.

S Foods group is engaging in various meat related business integrally from the cattle production, the most upstream of meat business, meat wholesale and processing, the middle stream, through retailing and food service, the most downstream. We also have extensive connections with our suppliers and customers domestically and globally. By strengthening this global vertical integration, we try to sustain and develop our business in this challenging situation. Also, though promoting our business, we work to realize our company philosophy and motto, where we declare to pursue happiness of all of our stakeholders, as well as contribute to the stability and improvement of Japanese people’s dietary life.

Shinnosuke Murakami President
Shinnosuke Murakami President