Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

S Foods Inc. is committed to observing all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information and thoroughly protecting it.

Collecting Personal Information

We may collect your personal information when you post comments, inquire, apply for gifts or advertising campaign events, answer our online questionnaire, register on our e-mail delivery services or other occasions.

Information we collect may be used to send giveaways, gifts or goods, deliver e-mail magazine (to those who consent to) or carry out marketing surveys (including answers to our questionnaire) in the form of statistic data which do not identify specific individuals.

Use of Personal Information

S Foods Inc. or its subcontractors may use personal information you provide to send information by means of e-mail or other means. We have confidential agreements with the subcontractors where strict provisions regarding handling of personal information, confidentiality, prohibition of redelivery and others are incorporated.
We will stop delivering information if you opt out of our information delivery service.

Sharing Personal Information

S Foods Inc. will not share your personal information with third parties other than our subcontractors without your agreement. Notwithstanding the above, we may disclose or submit the information when we are requested by law or when the court, prosecutors, police or other authorized organizations request to do so.

Managing and Protecting Personal Information

S Foods Inc. has appointed a chief privacy officer to supervise the handling of, and ensure proper management of personal information. Not only against the risk of personal information leakage but unauthorized access from the outside, we strive to protect your personal information by implementing appropriate safeguard measures. In addition, we exercise the same level of management when we consign services such as sending gifts to subcontractors to prevent leakage of or unauthorized access to personal information.

Delating Personal Information

S Foods Inc. will stop providing services or delivering information or will delate your personal information from our database when you request to do so. We will also request our subcontractors to do the same procedure promptly if they retain your personal information.


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